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9gem.uk have 15000+ natural gemstones for you to choose from. We have gemstones that suit every occasion, mood, budget, need.Our main focus has always been on service. Sourcing and stocking fine gemstones and diamonds for our customers to call on when they need them. This enables the jeweler to keep their own inventory to a minimum, better manage their cash flow by only tying up capital in stock they are buying, and focus on the creative and selling side of their business, knowing that their sourcing needs can be taken care of by us.

We specialize in Gemstones:

Larger single rubies, sapphires and fancy colored Gems.
Exclusive layouts of stones to inspire jewelry community at every level.
Smaller calibrated fine gemstones to help you buy what you need in the colors you want.
Gems of all shapes and sizes
Gemstones and jewelry for buyers at every level around the world shipped free and fully guaranteed.


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